The Differences Between Pet Healthcare Plans And Pet Insurance

There’s often confusion between pet insurance and a pet healthcare plan. As a pet owner it’s worth understanding the differences between the two to help you decide what you need to provide your pet with the very best care. We’ve highlighted the key differences below and also provided a summary of each and an opportunity to find out more.

What’s the difference between health insurance and a healthcare plan?

As shown in the table below, the purpose of a pet healthcare plan is different from pet insurance. Most vets will be able to provide a pet healthcare plan, but insurance is usually purchased from an insurance company.

  Pet Healthcare Plan Pet Insurance
Full Puppy/Kitten Vaccinations  
Annual Booster Vaccinations  
A nose-to-tail check every six months  
Help towards vet bills in the event of an accident or injury  
Help towards vet bills in the event of illness  
Peace of mind
Discounts on vet costs and medication  


The Medivet Healthcare Plan

Our healthcare plan provides a way for you to spread the cost of the regular care that is essential for keeping your pet happy and healthy. With our healthcare plan, you’ll receive all the health care essentials your pet will need such as vaccinations, year-round flea and worm treatment as well as expert veterinary advice. It also includes a 6-month health check with your vet to help you stay on top of your pet’s health.

In addition to this, you will receive discounts on vet care and medication as well as dental treatments.

The Medivet Healthcare Plan is available for:

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Pet Insurance

Unlike a pet healthcare plan, pet insurance is only used if a pet becomes ill, is injured, or has an accident, it offers protection against sudden and unexpected vet bills. The insurance policy provides financial support to cover or help with the cost of vet bills. In a similar way to car or home insurance, most policies will require the pet-owner to pay an initial excess cost.

Medivet doesn’t sell pet insurance, there are many companies out there that do – you should always research very carefully and ensure that a policy fully covers what your pet needs. The premiums can vary and will depend on your pet’s age, breed, medical history, the amount of cover you require.

Many pet-owners like the peace of mind that should something awful happen, their pet insurance is there to support them with the costs.

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If you have any questions about pet insurance or the Medivet Healthcare Plan, speak to your local practice.

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Pet Healthcare Plans

On average our clients save an average of £225 with the Medivet Healthcare Plan.

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