MRI Scans

What is MRI?

We use cutting-edge Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanners to help us diagnose a range of problems.

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MRI has been used in human medicine for a number of years. Whereas x-rays and CT scans use radiation to take images of the body, MRI scans use magnetic fields and radio waves to create detailed, high quality images that are used to diagnose a huge array of conditions.

What can MRI be used for?

MRI technology can be particularly useful for examining the brain and spinal cord, highlighting any abnormalities that could signify a number of conditions.

Occasionally, MRI is also used to diagnose knee and nerve problems.

What happens during an MRI?

During an MRI, the pet is placed under general anaesthetic to reduce stress and movement, before being passed through a harmless magnetic field.

The entire process takes around one hour, plus time to recover from the anaesthetic.

Is it safe?

MRI scans are a safe and non-invasive procedure that allow vets to diagnose a number of conditions without causing any pain or discomfort to your pet.

There is always a very small risk with any anaesthetic, but your pet will be thoroughly assessed beforehand and our experienced team take care to ensure their safety.

Can I feed my pet before an MRI scan?

Because we put pets under general anaesthetic for an MRI scan, pets must not eat for at least 12 hours prior to the scan.

For more information about MRI scans, speak with your local Medivet team.

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