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Becoming a Branch Partner in an existing Medivet practice gives you the opportunity to not only own part of your practice but to lead your team and operate with clinical freedom. It’s up to you what you want to achieve as a Veterinary Surgeon and a business owner; thanks to unrivalled support from the wider Medivet community you can be confident that you’re making the right choice for your career, making a difference across all areas of the practice.

What difference will you make as a Branch Partner?

As a Veterinary Surgeon, you already share our values. You believe in upholding the highest of standards – becoming a Branch Partner allows you to take the next step and utilise your ambition to be the driving force behind a successful clinic, delivering unrivalled care and positively impacting our staff, clients and the community. Your presence and influence help us grow our client network and deliver consistent clinical excellence to our patients; Branch Partners create stability, improve vet retention and reputation

Invest in yourself and grow professionally, clinically and financially

Medivet branch partnerships are the furthest thing from (and so much more than) joint venture partnerships. The difference? Unlike JVPs, the Medivet model is a traditional partnership. We share the costs and profits according to how ownership is split in each branch. That makes us true partners; we also continually invest in our partners through support and training. It’s all so they can become the Veterinary Surgeons and business owners they want to be.

Partnership is an affordable and accessible way for ambitious vets to buy a share of and shape a Medivet practice; we don’t call it a return on investment, rather a return on success and a way to acknowledge the value you bring to the industry. As a Branch Partner, your efforts will be rewarded financially in line with your practice’s success, meaning your income could vastly exceed your current salary expectations.

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What does partnership mean to you?

Every Branch Partner is unique, and they all believe in the Medivet way. Here they share their experiences of partnering with Medivet to buy into and grow a successful practice.

Focus on what you do best

While you stay client-facing, our central support teams help you take care of the rest.

Unlike independent practices, we’re able to offer clinical assistance, business support and help with administrative and non-clinical work, including accountancy and marketing, recruitment, health & safety, equipment sourcing, drugs discounts and much more. This frees up your time for clinical progression and leading your team, and whenever you need it, managerial or clinical advice is always there from our community of nationwide Branch Partners.

“If it wasn’t for Branch Partnership, I would have never owned my own practice.”

Tine Van Egdom, Branch Partner at Medivet Portland.

Partnership benefits

Unlike joint venture partnerships, we’re redefining what it means to work together – as we and our Branch Partners both share in the costs and profit, we’re true equity partners.

  • We sell up to 50% equity in our clinics, the amount available to purchase depends on the size of the business and the affordability.
  • We offer support in securing a loan.
  • We work with you to find the right clinic for you
  • Joining Medivet will give you access to state of the art equipment and specialists in our group, enabling you to remain invested in cases and practice as a large hospital – this is made possible through our unique hub and spoke model and internal case sharing
  • Our Support Centre team will help you take care of all the non-clinical aspects of running a practice – giving you the option to gain experience from them
  • You will have a dedicated clinical and operations team supporting you as you develop, so your career choices are never limited
  • You will have freedom to practise in the way we were taught at university; our community is built on trust
  • You’ll be part of an over 1000 strong vet community, unlike independent practice owners
  • Your hard work, input and leadership is reflected in your compensation
  • A true work/life balance working four-day weeks, enjoying six weeks’ holiday and excellent maternity and paternity benefits
  • You can sell your equity at any time, retaining complete control of your career
  • You have a hand in building the best place to work in the veterinary industry

Steps to becoming a partner

Your journey to becoming a Branch Partner couldn’t be easier. For more information and a confidential chat, please contact Andrew Tartaglia, Head of Branch Partnerships on

After your chat, if you think you can make a difference as a Branch Partner, we’ll start helping you choose a location and organise a valuation for the partnership. Even at this early stage, you’ll see that we’re serious about working together, which is why we’re with you every step of the way even as we explore a range of equity options until we agree on one that works best for you. Then, it’s as easy as choosing your start date.

“You receive the rewards of the work that you put into Branch Partnership. Whatever equity percentage you own, you get that percentage back out. I’m doing the veterinary side of work for my percentage and Medivet are doing everything else for their percentage. It feels very equal.”

Emma Evans, Branch Partner at Medivet Sutton Farm


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