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I’m delighted you’ve expressed interest in becoming a Branch Partner with Medivet, and I hope this page provides a helpful view on our Company, our Branch Partnership and ambitions for the future.

Over these next five years we are committed to building the best Veterinary Group in Europe, and Branch Partnership is a cornerstone of this ambition. Our Branch Partnership is something quite unique in the industry.

We’ve recently re-launched our offering to make it even better - based on the same founding principle of true co-ownership, whilst making it more attractive and more accessible to more vets who want to own their own practice, with more choice and options.

Chris Cools

Chief Executive Officer

Value creation

A proven way of building significant value creation, for you and your family's future.

How much do I have to invest?

Equity growth illustration: For your investment, you get a share of the profit and create equity through increasing revenue and contribution.multiple-table.jpg

Retain clinical control

Delivering the very best care for your patients with support from our dedicated clinical team, our network of experienced clinical communities and over 160 Branch Partners.

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I've become part of an empowering community of like-minded vets, there’s a rich reservoir of knowledge and support at my fingertips. The partnership highly values and acknowledges the significance of individual clinical control.

Justine Berger, Branch Partner at Medivet Temple Fortune


As an integrated business with unified systems, a central Support Centre of business excellence and a national Clinical Operations network, we’re able to support and empower our Branch Partners to be true leaders in their clinic.

Andy Cresswell, Chief Operating Officer


Through my Medivet Branch Partnership I have the opportunity to focus more on aspects of the clinical practice that are important to me, while leaving Medivet to manage the admin of running a busy clinic.

Simon Cook, Branch Partner at Medivet 24 Hour Shrewsbury

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Exit provision should things change

We want clinicians that are committed for the long term, but we know things can change in life. If they do, there are regular opportunities for us to buy your share back at a pre-defined multiple.

  • Our Branch Partnership is an evergreen model, where you can join, build value, and exit should circumstances change
  • Exit Date available on 2 year, 4 year, 6 year contract anniversary
  • Valuation multiple will increase over time (as per table)
  • Simple, transparent mechanism also allows you to see the benefit of your tenure in building value based on your stake year on yearEBITDA-multiple-table.jpg

Are you ready to discuss Branch Partnership with Medivet?


I want to be in a fulfilling profession, have a rewarding career and create future wealth for me and my family


I want support in managing the administrative aspects of running a clinic, with access to real experts who can help me grow my clinic business


I want to retain clinical control, and have access to a wide network of experienced clinicians across multiple fields


I want the option to access the value I've created in my clinic business, should my circumstances change

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Our Branch Partnership team


I think the partnership model is probably Medivet’s best kept secret. The partnership model is the best of both worlds. For me, it’s without question the best thing I’ve ever done.


Becoming a Branch Partner was a no-brainer – buying into a practice that was already established which I could then grow, and that I have grown, with the support of a wider team.