Healthcare Plans For Rabbits

Our Healthcare Plan For Your Rabbit

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your rabbit is healthy and happy with our specially tailored healthcare plan.

The RHD Total Healthcare Plan is designed to provide your rabbit with exceptional care and protect it from both strains of Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease Virus (RHDV).

Key Features

  Rabbit MHP
Annual booster vaccinations**      ✔︎
Protection against flystrike, worm and E.cuniculi protection for the year***      ✔︎
Microchipping      ✔︎
Nose-to-tail health check every six months      ✔︎
Nail clippings twice a year      ✔︎
10% off vet care and medication      ✔︎
15% off dental procedures      ✔︎
10% off select rabbit food and hay      ✔︎
2kg bag of Timothy Hay x2      ✔︎
Peace of mind      ✔︎


** Vaccines Myxo, RHD1 & RHD2 Vaccinations can include primary three-course (at 8, 12 and 16 weeks), lapsed restart course, boosters excluding rabies. 
*** For rabbits, 2x Rearguard

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Our local vet practices will be happy to talk to you through the benefits of our healthcare plans as well as prices and the very important savings that can be made. 

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Download our essential Medivet Healthcare Plan guide with more information on what's included and the benefits for your pet.

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*Based on average saving for a rabbit on the Medivet Healthcare Plan over a 12-month period, across 365 practices. Excludes the additional savings benefits that are available on plan (e.g. 15% off dental procedures & 10% off vet care and medication and some food). Prices correct January 2024.