Insurance For Your Pet

At Medivet, we’re committed to providing trustworthy, expert advice that helps you care for your pet. This includes advice on choosing the right insurance policy to protect your pet.

Why you need pet insurance

Insurance is important for your pet, accidents and illness can happen at any time, and it’s comforting to know that the cost of your pet's care will be covered if ever needed.

When it comes to considering insurance, many people hold the misconception that only older pets need it, as they’re more likely to get ill. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case: younger pets are often more adventurous and can be more accident prone.

In fact, the younger your pet is when you insure them, the better – insuring a pet without any existing conditions will mean any health issues they then face will be covered by your policy.

If your pet is under 18 months old, please ask the Medivet team about free four week insurance cover.

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Insurance to suit your needs  

Not all pet insurance is the same – there are many different types of policy available, and the level of cover they provide varies.

The four main types of pet insurance are:

  • Accident: this provides cover for accidents only, and doesn’t cover any illnesses
  • Time-limited: provides cover for a set amount of time (usually 12 months). After this period the condition is excluded
  • Maximum benefit: this provides cover up to a maximum amount of money per condition. Once this limit is reached the condition is excluded
  • Lifetime: provides a set amount of money each year, which is refreshed each time you renew your policy. This allows you to continue to claim for ongoing conditions

The type of policy you choose will largely dictate the veterinary care your pet is able to receive, as well as the costs you’ll face, so it’s important to choose the right option for you.

Sometimes, the cheapest insurance can cost you more in the long run, and some policies won’t cover senior pets. Spend some time doing your research to make sure the cover you get is right for your pet.  

Questions to ask yourself when choosing a policy

When shopping around for a policy, we suggest you ask the following questions:

  1. Does this policy cover congenital, hereditary, hip-related, dental and behavioural conditions?
  2. Is there a time or monetary limit on how long this policy will cover ongoing conditions for?
  3. If I claim, will my premium increase?

These will allow you to compare the overall value you’re getting – not just the price.

Unlike other forms of insurance, it’s not easy to switch pet insurance later down the track, as any pre-existing conditions your pet has are likely to be excluded. Your premium will also increase as your pet ages. That’s why it’s important to do your research and choose the right cover from the start.

Medivet Healthcare Plans

A healthcare plan is different to health insurance. Insurance is there to pay if your pet gets sick or is injured. A healthcare plan is a simple way to pay for the regular care your pet needs each year in one easy monthly payment.

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