Charlotte's Story

From Grad Programme to Branch Partner

Charlotte originally joined Medivet on the Graduate Programme in our Orrell Park clinic in 2020. After the programme ended she stayed with the clinic and has now gone on to become a Branch Partner.

I originally joined Medivet in 2020 on the Graduate Programme in the Orrell Park clinic where I had previously done multiple weeks EMS with Andy, the Branch Partner. I stayed with the clinic after the Graduate Programme ended and recently had the opportunity to join the Anfield clinic, alongside Andy, as a Branch Partner. Having Andy as a mentor from EMS student to graduate and then having him as a supportive boss was one of the reasons for me wanting to become a Branch Partner. I always had practice ownership on my radar and as I developed within my role at Medivet, Branch Partnership seemed like the next step. As I still have support, I have been able to take this next step early in my career.

I have only very recently become a Branch Partner and still going through the transition from being employed and whilst I am learning new things, many things remain the same. I still practice as a vet and have clinical autonomy within my branch. I still get the same time off as I did when I was an employed vet and because Medivet take care of the administrative aspects of the clinic such as payroll, I can get my work-related tasks done in the day and relax when I am at home.


I naturally had concerns about making the move to becoming a Branch Partner. I have moved from a secure role as an employed vet to being self employed so I was aware of this being a risk. It is however nowhere near as big a risk as if I set up on my own and would need to secure large bank loans, search for a premises and purchase all the equipment and drugs. Everything is already in my clinic and so I can focus on how I want the clinic to be run.

What works well for me in the partnership is that it allows me the independence and clinical autonomy that I want from owning my own clinic without all the financial requirements for it. I also really like the hub and spoke model and having other clinics and a hospital nearby means my patients will receive the best care even if I am on my own. These relationships further build on the partnership.

I feel proud of my team and take great pride in feeding back comments from clients about how welcoming and friendly my team are and how they make my clients feel at ease. It is the small things that we are able to do for our clients that make them really appreciative.

I love working in a clinic where I have an amazing team and great clients. I have clinical autonomy and am excited to see how Branch Partnership can help me develop my career. If you are looking to further your career as a practicing vet in leadership, then Branch Partnership is an ideal way to do this. 

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