Medivet Gender Pay Gap Report 2023

Medivet Gender Pay Gap Report 2023

In line with legislative requirements of The Equality Act 2010, the Medivet Group Limited Gender Pay Gap Report for 2023 is provided below.

We welcome the opportunity to measure important changes within our business and create positive improvements within our industry as a whole.

Whist we recognise the statistical validity of the metrics used within this Gender Pay Gap Report, it is important to note that the report does not focus on individual compensation and is therefore not the same as equal pay.  Equal pay ensures that men and women in similar positions receive comparable pay.

Our findings

The figures below show the mean and median difference in hourly rates and, bonus pay between men and women, as well as the proportion of colleagues who received a bonus.

The data below includes pay information for full pay relevant employees only. Full-pay relevant employees represents all colleagues who were paid their usual full basic pay during the April 2023 pay period. Data for colleagues who were absent due to illness are excluded from the report.



2022 2021 2020

Mean hourly pay gender pay gap

40% 38% 44%


Median hourly pay gender pay gap

38% 39% 45%


Mean bonus pay gender pay gap

58% No bonuses paid 75%


Median bonus pay gender pay gap

82% No bonuses paid 89%


Proportion of males receiving a bonus

16% N/A 7%


Proportion of females receiving a bonus

12% N/A 5%



Proportion of males and females in each quartile band:


2023 2022 2021 2020


M F M F M F  F

Upper hourly pay quartile

35% 65% 34% 66% 25% 75% 41% 59%

Upper middle hourly pay quartile

12% 88% 8% 92% 19% 81% 21% 79%

Lower middle hourly pay quartile

7% 93% 6% 94% 8% 92% 10% 90%

Lower hourly pay quartile

6% 94% 5% 95% 5% 95% 6% 94%


Female colleagues make up the majority of our workforce which is why the percentages in each quartile are over indexed in comparison to males in the corresponding quartile.  Since last year’s report, we can see these number have remained consistent.

Compared to last year, as of 5th April 2023 our mean hourly gap has increased slightly from 38% to 40% whilst the median hourly gap has reduced slightly from 39% to 38%.

Our Action Plan

We are continuing on the journey to develop a fair and inclusive culture across our business that rewards colleagues fairly for their skills and expertise, creates transparency and trust, and improves our position in the market.

This work forms part of a much broader programme of activity that we are now committed to delivering over the next 3-5 years, centred on creating an industry changing people deal that will enable us to care for our people as much as the animals we look after and improve their experience of working with us.

The key actions already underway that will have a direct influence over time on the findings of this report include;

  • The implementation in 2024 of a new reward policy along with a new pay and grading framework.
  • The removal of inconsistent commission schemes (as of 31st March 2023) and the introduction of our new ‘Lead Veterinarian Contribution Scheme’.
  • The implementation of a new suite of refreshed and family friendly people policies in 2024 focused on embedding fair and equitable processes and ways of working for all colleagues.
  • The design and implementation of clear development pathways and learning opportunities across our core clinical roles in 2024 including the development of a ‘returnship’ programme for vets and nurses.

We are confident this work will play a significant part in helping us to address the gender inequalities within the small animal veterinary industry whilst enabling us to pro-actively address the ongoing challenges of keeping and finding the best talent to drive sustainable business growth.

I, Chris Cools, confirm that the information contained herein is accurate.
Chris Cools
Chief Executive Officer
April 2024

I, Helen Charles-Smith, confirm that the information contained herein is accurate.
Helen Charles-Smith
Chief People Officer
April 2024