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Vet Compass is a nationwide research programme run by the Royal Veterinary College


The aim of Vet Compass is to collect as much data as possible from actual pets seen in veterinary practices to enable them to gain a better understanding of illnesses and conditions suffered by companion animals. It is the first study of its kind in the UK.

In the long term, this should help the profession to improve their treatment of pets, and also assist in healthier pets being bred. For example, the Kennel Club is currently working with VetCompass to identify and evaluate the role that major breed lines play in conditions identified in pedigree dogs.

This means that for every time you visit us with your pet, their records will be helping every other animal of that species in the UK.

What data is collected?

The project is primarily interested in collecting data on breed, species and age.

This means that they can identify conditions that may be more common in some breeds, and at some life stages, than others- Do Labradors suffer from more hip problems? Do Persian cat breeds experience more respiratory problems? Are older female dogs particularly susceptible to certain forms of cancer?

VetCompass will also be collecting partial postcodes to see if they can identify any geographical patterns. This is particularly useful in tracking pockets of disease outbreaks and making people aware if their pet is particularly at risk.

However, it’s not just cats and dogs. VetCompass are interested in studying all companion animals, from birds to hamsters to fish.

It should be made clear that no personal data will be given to VetCompass and all records will be completely anonymous and confidential.

Medivet is a major collaborator with the VetCompass scheme and passes on all data from our consults. However, you may opt out of the scheme if you do not wish for your pet’s data to be passed on. Simply let us know and we will make sure that your pet’s records are marked as not applicable to the study.

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