Alfie and Jasper's story

Meet Jasper

Alfie was a lovely boy, a long-term client at Medivet Potters Bar. He was sadly diagnosed with a lymphoma in 2021. Debbie, his dedicated owner was absolutely determined to do everything that she could for him, and the decision was made for Alfie to have chemotherapy.

Alfie responded well to the chemotherapy and was in remission. Debbie and the team at Medivet Potters Bar were devastated when he suffered a relapse in 2023. It all became too much, and Alfie’s health deteriorated. Debbie made the heartbreaking decision to have Alfie put to sleep; taking some comfort from the fact that the chemo had given them an extra 15-16 months together.

Alfie was euthanised at home with his mum and Branch Partner Thea Patterson, who’d been looking after him throughout his illness.

Debbie was struggling to deal with Alfie’s passing and her children were upset at seeing her so sad. They asked her to consider rescuing a dog and passing on some of the love that she had lavished on Alfie, hesitant at first Debbie agreed to ‘meet’ the rescue dog.

Jasper was a young Cockapoo who’d not had the best start in life and Debbie felt compelled to help. Never to replace Alfie, but more to share some of the love that she had to give.

Jasper is of course a Medivet Potters Bar patient, he’s recently been neutered, and the team see him regularly as he’s on the Medivet Healthcare Plan.

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