Scallywag's story

Meet Scallywag

Scallywag is a gorgeous long-legged Red Setter, he’s eight years old and has been a patient at Medivet Potters Bar for a few years.

Danny, his owner brought him in to see Branch Partner Thea Patterson as he was worried about Scallywag’s appetite, it had decreased significantly and he was losing weight, he was drooling a lot and was also struggling with a bad eye.

Thea could see that Scallywag’s lymph nodes were really enlarged; the size of golf balls. She arranged for some samples to be taken, as well as scans of his stomach and a CT scan.

The tests were checked for diseases such as Cryptococcus, but the conclusion was that Scallywag was suffering with an immune mediated disease that was affecting his lymph nodes. He was treated with immune modulatory drugs, and he responded really well to these. He also started to put back on some of the 3.0kg of weight that he had lost.

Scallywag needed to visit every 2-4 weeks for blood tests and checks, despite everything he always came in with a very waggy tail and was pleased to see the team. The team also worked with his owner to wean him off the drugs and return him to a clean bill of health.

Scallywag is still a frequent visitor to Medivet Potters Bar - he has recently had cataracts surgery, the team at Medivet Potters Bar continue to look after him very well.

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