Medivet supports Antibiotic Amnesty Month 2023

Medivet along with other veterinary professionals are joining the fight against antimicrobial resistance this November as part of Antibiotic Amnesty Month 2023.

Antibiotics are essential to treat both humans and animals and must be used correctly to ensure they continue to be effective when we really need them.

When antibiotics aren’t used correctly, this can lead to a delay in accurate diagnosis and dangerous side effects, whilst contributing to antimicrobial resistance. An example of this is when left over or out of date antibiotics are given to a pet. When not disposed of correctly, unused antibiotics can also cause environmental damage by impacting water quality and wildlife.

The aim of Antibiotic Amnesty Month is to promote the safe and correct disposal of antibiotics and help avoid contamination of our environment. Many people may not realise that unused pet antibiotics can be returned to veterinary practices for safe disposal at any time.

Join us in promoting the safe disposal of antibiotics by returning your unused pet antibiotics (or any other pet medication) to your local Medivet practice and help tackle antimicrobial resistance.

To find out more visit: Antibiotic Amnesty (

Please note that returned pet antibiotics or other pet medications cannot be refunded or resold.