CT Scanner at Medivet 24 Hour Southend Showing Promise for Pets

Medivet 24 Hour Southend’s £150,000 investment into a new, state of the art CT scanner in 2019 has been put to great use. The team at this busy hospital have used their CT scanner to support the diagnosis and treatment of pets.

The CT Scanner and other cutting-edge equipment at Medivet 24 Hour Southend have helped Veterinary Surgeon and Lead Imager, Alex, and the rest of the team to make diagnoses of even the subtlest of illnesses. The CT Scanner has made a real difference to the level of care that they can carry out, alongside high-level endoscopy, ultrasound, and specialist level echocardiography for highly complex heart cases.

Below are just a few recent and very interesting examples of pets with common symptoms that the availability of CT Imaging has enabled Medivet 24 Hour Southend to evaluate the complete extent of their illnesses and treat them appropriately. 

Reduced play behaviour

A three-year-old male Pug was brought into the practice with an extremely vague clinical history of reduced play, but the dog was otherwise bright and alert, with normal appetite and no history of diarrhoea or vomiting. Clinical examination didn’t indicate any clear diagnosis and blood investigations showed no obvious changes. An abdominal ultrasound was performed, revealing foreign material within the stomach and an increased amount of water on the lungs. Further examination revealed the diagnosis was either lung torsion or pneumonia. Following a CT scan, the vet was able to confirm that it was lung torsion and the dog was treated for this and made a full recovery.

Facial swelling

A nine-year-old Labrador had been experiencing facial swelling for a week, and which had been non-responsive to treatment was recommended for a CT scan. Given the CT Scanner was on-site, this happened very quickly, and the scan revealed a stick fragment embedded within the soft tissue of the dog’s salivary gland. Following diagnosis, the vets were able to remove the fragment through surgery for the dog.

Coughing and vomiting

A four-year-old pug visited the practice and was coughing with occasional vomiting. An ultrasound was performed and revealed water on the lungs and a tear in the right middle lung lobe. The presumptive diagnosis at this stage was pneumonia, as a middle lung lobe torsion is unlikely in small dog breeds. The dog underwent a CT scan and right middle lung lobe pneumonia was confirmed, and they were able to provide the dog with swift and appropriate treatment.


Whether you’re a vet looking to refer a case or a client whose pet is showing unusual symptoms, however vague the issue may be – please do get in touch with Medivet 24 Hour Southend. They’ll be happy to help with any advanced imaging in order to help you get that challenging symptom or diagnosis sorted.

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