Medivet 24 Hour Southend Saves Stumbling Sprocker

An emergency on a family holiday ends in relief thanks to Medivet 24 Hour Southend.

Who doesn’t love a holiday? The sea air, long walks, good food, fun and games! Sadly, one family’s holiday ended up with an emergency trip to the vet, when Morgan, a 5-year-old Sprocker spaniel, took a tumble.


He’d been happily bounding along, at full pelt, when suddenly he appeared to trip and then had difficulty getting up again and seemed to be in quite a bit of pain with his leg.

In the middle of nowhere, and in an unfamiliar town, his frantic and desperate owner, Becky, luckily found Medivet 24 Hour Southend, who discovered that poor Morgan had a multiple bicondylar fracture, which may have stemmed from an underlying elbow fissure. When a dog has a fissure, it’s easier for them to fracture bones from tripping on little holes in the ground or colliding with another dog.

Upon arrival, Medivet 24 Hour Southend made him comfortable, with painkillers and rest, and referred him immediately to a specialist practice with the equipment to repair difficult fractures like this one.

Because of the nature of the break, Morgan had to go through a long period of recuperation with regular visits to a physiotherapist when he got back home.

Thanks to the quick action of his owner Becky, the care and support from the team at Medivet 24 Hour Southend, and of course Morgan’s determination to heal quickly, we’re pleased to report that he’s happily bounding along once more.