Dog Grooming Tips For Warmer Weather

Regular grooming plays an important role in the health and well-being of your dog. In warmer weather, it can also help to keep them cool.

Grooming is good for your dog’s health

As well as being an important part of keeping your dog happy and healthy, grooming is a great way to bond with them. It builds trust with your dog and is a great way to have a close look at their skin; checking for cuts, bruises, areas of dry skin and of course for fleas, ticks and other insects.

It’s a good idea to start a grooming routine from an early age, that way your dog is used to it and can enjoy the experience and the benefits it brings.

If your dog tends to moult a lot, regular brushing should mean less hairs on your clothes and around the house.

Grooming all-year round

Being a responsible dog owner involves consistent quality of care, that's why we recommend grooming your dog all-year-round. Throughout the seasons your dog will grow a new coat, shed their old coat – it never stops. As we come into summer, depending on their breed they will be shedding their thicker winter coat.

A dog’s coat is important to their well-being, it will keep them warm in winter and help to keep them cool in warmer weather.

Even if your dog regularly visits a dog-groomer, it’s worth making sure they are brushed and checked in-between visits.

Grooming helps to keep dogs cool

As the weather warms up, regular grooming will help your dog to regulate their temperature and prevent heatstroke. This is even more important if they have long or thick hair.

Although dogs don’t sweat through their skin like humans, a tangle free coat will be beneficial in hot weather.

Regular brushing is key, and while you’re brushing your dog, keep a close eye out for signs of fleas and any areas of dry skin that could indicate an allergy or skin irritation. It’s also a good time to check their ears and paws for grass seeds, which can be painful and dangerous.

Protection from the sun

Dogs can suffer from sunburn and you should ensure that your dog is well-protected. Short-haired breeds or dogs with light hair are more at risk.

Apply a specially formulated sun cream to sensitive areas and always keep them out of the sun at the hottest parts of the day.

Summer baths have added benefits

All dog’s need a regular bath, and a summer bath is a great opportunity to take this outdoors. It means less mess around the house and your dog has a better opportunity to bound around in-between rinses.

An outdoor bath doesn’t simply mean hosing them down though, you can’t control the temperature of the water from a hose and if it’s freezing cold it’ll be too much of a shock for your dog and could take the fun out of bath time.

Take your time and get the water temperature right and it will help cool them down as well as keep them clean and fresh.

For advice on grooming your dog during warmer weather – speak to your vet.

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