How To Exercise Your Dog Without Walks

There are lots of ways to keep your dog happy and healthy within your home.

Labradoodle cuddle

Mental stimulation is a great way to keep your dog entertained and occupied so replace exercise with other activities until you are able to take them out for their usual walks.

  • Try challenging your dog at meal times. Instead of using their usual bowl, try using a feeding toy to add some variety
  • Play, play, play. Most dogs love to play so set aside some time to have a good game of fetch or tug
  • Learning a new trick or command is great mental stimulation for a dog. Get out their favourite treats and try teaching them something new
  • Get them sniffing: scent work can be a great way to keep them busy for ages
  • Hide treats around the garden or around the house and send them off in search of them
  • Remember toilet breaks: your dog will still need to go outside to use the toilet so make sure they have regular access to the garden

If you're out in the garden more with your dog we also have some advice on keeping your pets safe in the garden.

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