Pet-Friendly Gifts

Share the festive fun with your pet with some of these pet-friendly gifts and treats

We know that many of you lavish gifts on your pets all year, and at Christmas you get to spoil them even more. Most of the shops have an array of pet-safe Christmas gifts available; these range from very practical to rather unusual.

Pet toys don’t need to be expensive, but they do need to be safe, so we’d always recommend buying good, high quality toys that can take a lot of destruction. Remember to supervise your pet while they’re playing – many dogs can get into the stuffing of a soft toy within the matter of seconds if they’re determined enough.

Remember that treats should always be given sparingly to avoid upset tummies and weight issues. If your pet is lucky enough to receive a pet-safe Christmas stocking which contains lots of treats, these should be limited - maybe one or two extra treats a day, because it’s Christmas. Try and deduct the treat volume from their daily food allowance – for dogs, an extra walk will help burn off some festive calories.

Here are some of our ideas which may give you some extra inspiration on the perfect gift for your pet.

Dog Christmas gifts

  • Rope toy
  • Football
  • Frisbee
  • Treat-stuffed chew toy
  • New bed or blanket
  • Nylon chew toy
  • A new collar and lead

Dogs and puppies tend to amass a varied and wide collection of toys. Christmas is the perfect time to check for damage and either clean or replace. Maybe the Father Christmas chew toy will become a firm favourite! If your dog already has too many toys, they’ll always appreciate a new bed or a shiny new bowl instead.

Cat Christmas gifts

  • Cat teaser toy
  • Catnip toys – a festive version
  • Scratching post
  • Ping pong balls
  • Leftover cardboard boxes
  • Play tunnel
  • A new bed or blanket
  • An empty box
  • A scratching post

Cats are easily pleased and they’ll be happy with all the empty boxes, but don’t forget to get rid of the wrapping paper. For most cats, the winning gift will usually be whatever comes stuffed with catnip. If you have a new kitten, we’ve got some great advice on kitten play and toys.

Rabbit Christmas gifts

  • Play tunnel
  • Willow or apple tree sticks
  • A seasonally themed gnaw chew to hang in their cage
  • Leftover toilet or kitchen roll tubes
  • Leftover brussels sprouts (uncooked)

Indoor rabbits will enjoy joining in the festive fun, and a new play tunnel or snowman shaped gnaw chew will go down well. If your rabbit is outdoors, make sure that they’re well-protected from the weather and that you spend some time with them. They’ll love a couple of uncooked brussels sprouts for their Christmas dinner.

Christmas is a fantastic time for introducing your pet to some delicious treats too, but be mindful of what they can and can’t eat by checking our advice on pet-safe festive food.

We’ve also got advice for ensuring that all pets stay safe this Christmas.

We’ve got advice for ensuring that all pets stay safe this Christmas – find out more.

Speak to your vet for their advice on protecting your pet this festive period

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