Toxins And Travelling: Your Pet Advice Update

April is a busy month for many pet owners, with school holidays, Easter celebrations and bank holiday weekend plans to think about. Our latest advice update includes ways you can keep your pet healthy and happy throughout the month, whatever your plans.

Travelling in the UK with your pet

Bank holiday season often means visiting friends and family elsewhere in the UK. Taking your pet with you can be rewarding, but you need to be properly prepared to limit their stress and make them as comfortable as possible, particularly on long car drives.

We’ve put together advice on everything you need to know about domestic travel with pets, from keeping them happy on the journey to our essential pet packing list.

Read our complete guide here

Easter weekend

Chocolate and Easter go hand in hand, but the sweet treat is poisonous to your pet, so it’s important to protect them from the danger. Keep an eye on any chocolate in the house, and make sure it’s kept out of the way to avoid your pet helping themselves. You might be surprised how few people are aware of the dangers, particularly children, so make sure the whole family know not to share their chocolate with the pet and the reasons why.

Read our advice for all you need to know about Easter toxins here.

Get the family involved

Spring school holidays are a great time for children to socialise and play with the family pet. Take the opportunity to teach them what it means to be a responsible pet owner by getting them involved in dog walks and feeding time.

The longer days and more family outings also mean plenty of exercise and outdoor playtime with your pet, which is important to their overall health and wellbeing.


April is Active Dog Month, so celebrate with longer walks and trips to larger parks. There are plenty of dog-friendly areas throughout the UK, including some National Trust sites, but be sure to check they allow dogs beforehand.


Although many cats like to sleep during the day, a new toy offers an opportunity to play together and encourage exercise. Cats shed their fur during the spring months, so teaching children how to gently groom them with a light brush is also a great way to bond together.


Investing in a large run for your rabbit provides a safe way for them to stretch their legs. Their run should be around 8ft long, with plenty of space for them to fully stand up, run and jump, around 2ft tall. Although great for their digestive health, new spring grass can be particularly rich for their stomachs, so make sure to feed them their regular food before letting them out into their run.

Welcoming a pet

Introducing a new pet into the family is an exciting time for everyone, but it can also be overwhelming for their owners. From regular vaccinations and health checks to the essentials like food and toys, there are lots of ways you can help your new family member settle in and help give them the best start in life.

Read our dedicated advice and download your free puppy and kitten guide to take you through their first year.

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