Home Visits

Exceptional care when you need it most

We know that sometimes it just isn’t possible for you or your pet to travel into one of our practices to receive care. At times like this, our capable and compassionate veterinary teams often offer at home visits.

In general, we recommend you visit a comprehensively equipped and staffed practice near you if your pet is ill. However, we do understand there are occasions where this might not be possible.

To help make life less stressful for everyone, we offer visits at home to ensure your pet receives exceptional care, no matter the circumstance.

Why we offer at home visits

We know that travelling to a practice may be difficult for a number of reasons. If you have any issues accessing transport or are concerned about any other aspect of your visit, please phone your local practice so we can discuss how we can help and make life easier for you. We may be able to organise an ambulance, for instance.

If after discussing the options with your vet, it’s decided that a home visit is necessary, we’ll be able to arrange the best time for our compassionate team to visit.

Contact your local practice to discuss your options and arrange a visit at home.

Find your nearest practice

Find your nearest practice