Pet Flea Control And Treatment


Medivet offers a complete, ongoing service to prevent and treat fleas in your pet, including flea checks, treatments, and advice which will be tailored to your pets needs. They’ll also be happy to discuss the best preventative flea treatment for the individual needs of your pet, as well as answer any questions you may have.

Dog Flea Treatment

Regular flea prevention is an essential part of any dog’s care routine. Find out how to protect your pet and keep your home flea-free.

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Cat Flea Treatment

Read about how to spot the signs and symptoms of fleas on cats, and how to treat them. 

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Rabbit Flea Treatment 

The signs and symptoms of fleas on rabbits and how you can prevent and treat them.

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Fleas on Pets

Fleas are small parasites that live on your pet’s body and feed off their blood. Unfortunately, most pets will get fleas at some point in their lives. Fleas can be picked up from other animals and in the natural environment. They can also live for long periods of time as eggs in soft furnishings and carpets.

Fleas can cause:

  • Anaemia
  • Tapeworm
  • Allergic reactions
  • Redness and irritation
  • Diseases (such as myxomatosis in rabbits)

Flea Checks

Fleas are incredibly itchy and irritating for your pet, but they also cause health issues that are easily preventable.


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Does Pet Healthcare Cover Flea Treatments?

Our Healthcare Plans are available for cats, dogs and rabbits and cover a variety of illnesses, plus they include other services such as flea treatments and discounts on vet care and medication.

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Pet Fleas FAQs

The best way to protect your pet is with regular and frequent flea control and treatment. Prevention is much better than cure. Please don’t hesitate to ask your local vet for the best treatment options available for the parasites that occur in your area.

Although most fleas prefer to feed on our pets, they will also bite humans and use them for transport.

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