Pet Dental Checks

Dental disease is common in pets, but it can be prevented. Regular dental checks help you stay on top of your pet’s teeth and gum health.

Pet dental care

Dental disease is one of the most common conditions found in pets, and if left untreated it can lead to other serious health problems. Up to 60% of dogs and 80% of cats over the age of two struggle with dental disease, but our pets can’t always let us know when they’re uncomfortable.

Ongoing dental care is key to ensuring your pet’s teeth and gums remain healthy. This includes routine teeth brushing, feeding your pet the right diet and attending regular dental checks.

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What are dental checks?

Just like their owners, pets form plaque and tartar on their teeth and need to be checked by a professional every six months.

During a dental check, your vet or nurse will give your pet a nose-to-tail health check, with a focus on their mouth and teeth. They will look out for signs of fractured teeth, gingivitis, periodontitis, tartar and any other issues that could lead to dental disease.

If your pet’s experiencing mouth pain, your vet or nurse may also suggest a dental x-ray to plan further treatment.

They’ll also be happy to discuss an ongoing dental hygiene routine with you, including advice on tooth brushing, and answer any questions you may have about your pet’s dental health.

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Pet Dental Advice

While we’re good at brushing our own teeth, when was the last time you thought about brushing your pet's? As our pets can’t brush their own teeth or tell us when they’re in pain, they rely on us to look after their dental health.

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