Medivet and Wilderness Foundation Africa Latest

It’s been five years since Medivet pledged its support of Wilderness Foundations Africa’s efforts to protect endangered rhinos in South Africa. In that time our generous colleagues, clients and partners have contributed over £600,000 to projects that have helped to combat the rhino poaching crisis.


The latest update on our partnership

In this moving new video, Will shares his thanks to Medivet for its invaluable partnership and to the thousands of people who have generously donated to its Saving the Rhino campaign during that time and looks at some of the key initiatives that funding has supported.

“Collaboration has been the key to success and I want to thank the Medivet family in the UK who support the projects that we administer,” said Will. “What we have achieved here is quite exceptional.”

Thanks to kind Medivet client donations, two cold scent tracker dogs have been deployed – Ella and Ziggy – who work with anti-poaching units, while support has been provided for intelligence-sharing amongst local law-enforcement agencies. Donations also contribute towards the treatment of poaching attack survivors plus the care and rehabilitation of orphaned baby rhinos.

Funds have also been deployed to help drive global awareness, provide community services as well as essential field-based veterinary equipment.

While there is still much work to do, the number of poaching cases has reduced during the past five years, highlighting the importance of donations and support.

“In these trying times we want to encourage you, wherever you can, to keep on supporting us,” added Will. “These animals are important for our future and we appreciate what you do from the bottom of our hearts.”

Medivet clients can add a donation of 50p to their veterinary bills using the Pennies digital charity box, installed in our practices,

The exceptional work of project co-ordinator Dr William Fowlds, a former member of the Medivet family, and his team has recently been shared with a whole new generation of animal lovers in a 20-part Channel 4 documentary Work On The Wild Side, which has been commissioned for another series.