Daisy May's story

Meet Daisy May

The lovely Daisy May has been a Medivet client for some time and has unfortunately had her fair share of accidents, including a spinal injury and an injury to her cruciate ligament whilst chasing a squirrel – she has always recovered well and is such a happy girl. She’s 14 years old but looks much younger.

Daisy May is a patient at Medivet Pinner and Branch Partner, Reena and the team always know she’s there as she’s very shouty front of house with lots to say for herself! The team actually think she’s just trying to guilt trip her mum because as soon as she’s out the back for her blood tests she turns into the perfect patient – cheeky Daisy May.

Recently Daisy May has received treatment for Cushings Disease as well as various lumps and bumps. The team have also been working at keeping her teeth nice and sparkly with some dental work.

She continues to be a regular patient because she has to have a monthly injection for arthritis, and she is also on the Medivet Healthcare Plan.

Angie, her owner is considering a house move, but she’s adamant that Daisy May needs to stay under the care of the team at Medivet Pinner so she’s decided to postpone her relocation.

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