Dennis' story

Meet Dennis

Dennis is a gorgeous 15-year-old cat, who the Branch Partner, Reena Patel at Medivet Pinner has been looking after since he was a kitten. Dennis is very much at home at the practice, as for a while he was a bit of a permanent fixture, so much so that he had a bed/box on reception and would often poke his head out to greet clients!

Dennis landed on his feet with his owner Penny, as she was well known in the practice as a lovely lady who rescued many cats and kittens.

When young Dennis first visited Medivet Pinner he had a really bad heart murmur and also had flu. Between Penny, Reena, the team at Pinner and a lot of TLC Dennis was treated and grew up as a very healthy cat.

Dennis was deaf from birth and as such his owner wasn’t keen on transporting him in a cat carrier, so this very special boy always comes into the practice on his harness. He’s super confident and used to it and he takes everything in his stride – even the dogs!

As Dennis got older, he developed pancreatitis. It was a severe case and involved numerous surgeries – at one point it was touch and go and we thought we were going to lose him. This little fighter gave it everything he had and with the love and dedication from his owner he pulled through.

Dennis is of course on a special diet to support his illness.

Sadly for Reena and the team at Pinner, Dennis and his family moved to Oxford but fortunately he has become a patient at Medivet Wheatley where they continue to look after him very well.

Medivet Branch Partner Reena Patel

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