Fluffy Puppy Barney Eats Fish Hook

Adorable four-month-old puppy, Barney, was brought into Medivet Sutton Farm after his owner noticed him rummaging around his fishing gear in the garage.

His concerned owners suspected that Barney had sneakily stolen some fish hooks and swallowed them, so it was important that he was checked by a vet immediately.

The Sutton Farm team took him in to get some x-rays and could see not one but two fish hooks in his stomach. Branch Partner and Veterinary Surgeon, Emma advised his owner that, given their nature and ability to do serious damage to his stomach, they needed to perform emergency surgery.

Barney was immediately taken to theatre where his abdomen was opened, and a small incision was made into his stomach. To their surprise, not only did they find the fish hooks, but Barney had also managed to swallow some fishing floats. Thankfully, the team managed to remove the fish hooks and floats from his stomach and patched him up.

Due to Barney being so young and small, he needed special care throughout his surgery and afterwards. Once he was stable enough to be moved, he was transported to our 24-hour veterinary hospital in Shrewsbury where he spent the night being cared for by the team.

Within 24 hours, Barney returned to Medivet Sutton Farm as his bright and bouncy normal self, ready to eat them out of house and home.

We’re delighted that Barney has made a full recovery, and we think this story proves just how quick puppies can get their paws on anything.

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