Jiji’s Femur Fiasco is Fixed

Meet Jiji, a little cat who worried her owners when she went missing one day, and returned with a limp.

Cats are notorious wanderers, and often think nothing of disappearing for a day before coming back to anxious owners. For this reason, it’s important to get to know your cat’s regular behaviour. Observe your cat and learn whether they are more intrepid adventurers and often stay away for a day, or if they are homebodies preferring a nice curl up on the sofa, so you can more easily identify if something is wrong.

This was the case with Jiji, a little cat whose worried owners noticed she’d gone missing for a day -which was out of character for her. Upon searching, they found Jiji outside with a very pronounced limp, so her owners took her to Medivet Potters Bar.

Jiji was examined and given strong painkillers as it was clear she was in a lot of pain. The vets suspected a broken bone, and so a radiograph (X-ray) was taken of Jiji’s leg which revealed a complex fracture of her right femur. Thankfully, Jiji escaped her accident with minimal other trauma.

The little cat was hospitalised overnight at our Medivet 24 Hour Enfield branch, where she received regular pain relief and a lot of rest. She was prepared for surgery the following day, and the fracture was painstakingly repaired using surgical plates and screws to hold the bones in place, giving Jiji a new spring in her step!

 Jiji was kept in a further night for checks to ensure that she was recovering well from the surgery, and that her pain was controlled. She recovered brilliantly, and the next day was happily reunited with her owners. Due to the extensive nature of this surgery, Jiji will still take a few more weeks to recover, and will need to have  good rest and lots of TLC from her owners, as well as several post surgical checks from her vets, which they assure us are going very well indeed. Good luck Jiji!