Percy the Dachshund’s difficult disc debacle

Meet Percy, a little dachshund with a common spinal issue among the breed, and his road to recovery with the help of Medivet Shrewsbury.

When little Percy’s owner noticed their beloved dachshund was finding it difficult to move and seemed uncomfortable, they began keeping a close eye on him. Over the next couple of days, Percy became wobblier on his back legs (ataxic) and so they brought him along to Medivet Shrewsbury.

A common ailment with dachshunds and their elongated spines is something called intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) and having suspected that this might be the cause of his symptoms, the vet did a CT scan on Percy. One of the best pieces of equipment that many Medivet practices have is a CT scanner. It shows detailed images of any part of the body, including the brain, bones, muscle, fat, and organs.

The CT scan confirmed that Percy indeed had IVDD – a spinal cord compression from a couple of spinal discs that had moved out of their correct place. Dr Stewart Bedford, advanced practitioner and peripatetic surgeon, was invited to assess Percy further, and perform the very delicate task of spinal surgery.

Percy the dachshundOnce the surgery was complete, the nurses at Medivet Shrewsbury took good care of Percy after his operation, ensuring he was eating and drinking well, and recovering as he should be. The physiotherapist, Emma, assessed Percy before he went home, ensuring that his spine was back to normal and that he no longer had any difficulties moving.

The team are happy to report that Percy went home a very happy dog, and is looking forward to welcoming him back for his hydrotherapy sessions.