Kallie Survives Sticky Situation After Eating Kebab Stick

Six-month-old Kallie got herself into a sticky situation after eating a whole kebab stick. Thanks to Medivet Anfield and Medivet 24 Hour Alder, she is expected to make a full recovery.

When six-month-old puppy, Kallie, was brought into Medivet Anfield back in January, she was unwell and had some swelling around her right ribs. She was immediately admitted into nearby Medivet Orrell Park where she was given an x-ray and subsequently diagnosed with cellulitis, a skin condition most commonly presented in young puppies. She was sent home with pain relief and antibiotics, and was recovering well.

However, when Kallie’s medication finished, she became unwell again and was brought back to the vets in Anfield and Alder for further investigation. They gave her more pain relief, and because of her history of limping, she was prescribed steroids to treat an expected juvenile autoimmune disease.

A day later she unfortunately developed another lump under her front leg that was painful, and the team decided the best thing for Kallie was to have a CT scan at our 24-hour veterinary hospital in Alder.

To the teams’ surprise, the CT scan showed an entire kebab stick going all the way through her stomach and liver! As she had no clinical signs of a foreign body before the scan, both the team and Kallie’s owners couldn’t believe their eyes. The fact Kallie was still wagging her tail throughout all of this was remarkable.

She was immediately booked in for surgery at Medivet 24 Hour Alder and we’re pleased to say the kebab stick was successfully removed and Kallie is expected to make a full recovery.

Kallie is now back at home with her family, happy and healthy. Hopefully, this will be the last sticky situation Kallie finds herself in.

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